Sensor technology

UV sensor technology and customised sensor technology

A range of UV sensors, UV measuring windows, UV display and UV reference meters for UV disinfection of drinking and process water







UV measurement technology

IL Metronic Sensortechnik GmbH develops, manufactures and calibrates sensors, measuring windows and measuring devices for UV measurement technology in different wavelength ranges.

Numerous applications with UV lamps require permanent monitoring of the UV irradiance. For drinking water disinfection in particular, sensors, measuring windows and measuring devices are manufactured according to the valid standards (ÖNORM M 5873, DVGW W294-3 and DIN 19294).

UV sensors or probes
UV-Sensoren und Sonden

IL Metronic offers a wide range of different screw-in and plug-in sensors as standard sensors. Customised designs are also possible.

UV measurement window or sensor window
UV-Messfenster bzw. Sensorfenster

Measuring windows for UV systems are provided for plugging in system and reference sensors.

UV evaluation electronics
Sensortechnik UV-Auswerteelektronik
Several solutions are available for evaluating the sensor signals. These range from relative display systems and complex devices with absolute measurement to menu navigation and additional functions.
UV diodes UVD280 / UVD370
UV-Dioden UVD280 / UVD370
The UV photodiodes UVD 370 and UVD 280 are just some of the options for customer-specific solutions.

ILMcom-USB interface

ILMcom USB Schnittstelle
The ILMcom USB interface connects an RS485 sensor bus to a PC with a USB interface.
UV reference meters
UV reference meters are among the many solutions for checking UV sensors in systems for drinking water disinfection according to DVGW W294-3, ÖNORM M 5873 and DIN 19294.

Humidity measurement technology

MTR 5.5

The dew point hygrometer MTR5.5 for measurements in the high humidity range.

MFT 2.1

The dew point transmitter MFT2.1 for cost-effective detection of the dew point

DRF 5.5

The dew point hygrometer
DRF 5.5 for versatile measuring and monitoring functions.

SRF 24

The SRF24 digital humidity sensor for recording temperature and relative humidity.

Sortiment von UV-Sensoren, Messfenstern, UV-Anzeige- und Referenzmessgeräten für UV-Desinfektion von Trink- und Brauchwasser
Customised sensor technology

For applications where no standardised sensors are available on the market, IL Metronic Sensortechnik GmbH offers the possibility of cost-effective development of customised sensor solutions with a wide range of active principles, even for small quantities.


We also develop, produce and distribute UV components for monitoring UV systems. We support you in embedding our products in your system or finding a solution tailored to your needs.

The valid standards for drinking water disinfection ÖNORM M5873, DVGW W294-3 as well as DIN 19294 require the regular inspection of system sensors. For this purpose, a reference sensor is placed at the measuring position of the system sensor. If the measured values deviate, recalibration is necessary.

The MUV 2.4 or KUV 2.4 with a reference sensor according to ÖNORM, DVGW and DIN is available as a reference radiometer for checking the system sensors.

The sensor must be sent to the manufacturer for recalibration. The recalibration of the system sensor is carried out in-house. Based on the serial number of the sensor, the calibration data is recorded, and a calibration certificate is issued.

With the help of the reference radiometer KUV2.4, you can automatically recalibrate suitable sensors from our production for this purpose, provided the deviation is within a certain range.

We also offer our own qualified repair service for products from our range. We repair your product within the warranty/guarantee and also later.

Flammable substances are handled as gases, vapours and mists in numerous industrial sectors. These flammable substances can form an explosive atmosphere with oxygen. Explosion protection to avoid ignition sources means that manufacturers can develop products without a potential ignition source.

All aspects of explosion protection are regulated in the European Union by the so-called ATEX Directives 2014/34/EU. In the USA and other international regions, similar requirements are set by the IECEx system.

As an innovative company, we already developed the UV sensors of the SUV20 and SUV13 series further for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in 2011 and had them certified by a notified body in accordance with ATEX and IECEx.

With our know-how and many years of experience, we develop individual solutions together with you, from design to production. We support you in adapting a standard product or in a completely new development.

Anfragebogen für UV-Produkte aus dem Bereich Sensorik

Bitte beantworten Sie die nachfolgenden Fragen so genau wie möglich, eventuell mit Skizze Ihres Anwendungsfalles, damit wir Ihnen geeignete Produkte oder kundenspezifische Lösungen für Ihre Anwendung anbieten können.

Welche technischen Daten hat der UV-Strahler?
Hinweise: Der Sensor sollte genau auf einen UV-Strahler ausgerichtet sein. Erfahrungsgemäß sind kleine Sensor-Strahler-Abstände vorteilhafter (etwa 1-2 cm). Die Reaktorkonstruktion sollte den Strahlengang zwischen Sensor und Strahler nicht nachteilig beeinflussen.


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