Glass feedthroughs

Bolt feedthroughs – Electrical feedthroughs – Adapted glass feedthroughs

Custom-designed electrical feedthroughs for conducting currents and signals through different media/atmospheres







Basic structure and system integration

A special glass feedthrough, also called a bolt feedthrough, current feedthrough, flange feedthrough and cable feedthrough, which usually consists of a pressure body, the contact pin(s) and the glass body (insulator), can be individually designed depending on the intended use.

It can be integrated into complex technical structures, such as measuring heads or sensors, through soldering, bonding, welding or screwing, depending on the application. The processing of highly refined steels and novel materials such as titanium and tantalum is just as much part of our services as the use of technical glass and high-performance ceramics. In-house surface finishing of the contact pins and/or the outer surfaces of special glass feedthroughs facilitates contact through soldering, plugging or bonding.

Customised development and production

Our specialist engineers work together with the customer’s developers to develop individually tailored solutions. The various shape and design options, right up to completely assembled assemblies, are suited to even the most demanding applications. The high vertical range of manufacture in the company in a short and transparent value chain guarantees safe and controlled processes. Both sample batches and series production quantities of more than 300,000 pieces per year can be produced from one glass feedthrough.

Customised development and production

Technical specifications

The following parameters can be achieved with a glass feedthrough according to the current state of the art:

The new development of a glass feedthrough or a ceramic feedthrough is based on mathematical models. The concept derived from this determines the manufacturing technologies that will be used. The parameters required by the customer are achieved by a deeply graded and proven quality assurance system.

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Rolf Kirchhoff
Head of Glass Feedthroughs

Andreas Hansch
Managing Director & Development Glass Feedthroughs