MFT 2.1

The MFT 2.1 dew point transmitter, based on a capacitive polymer sensor, is designed in probe form, with the sensor element in direct contact with the sample gas, for good response behaviour.

  • Cost-effective detection of the dew point
  • Fast response time
  • Low temperature dependence
  • Low cross-sensitivity

A fine-pored, moisture-permeable stainless steel sintered cap is available as an option which effectively protects the sensor from contamination and mechanical effects, if required. A high-pressure version up to 150 bar operating pressure with ½″ screw-in thread is also available for monitoring tasks in compressed air systems.

Analogue and digital interfaces are available for measured value output, with the option of a customer-specific adaptation of the measured variable (dew point, relative humidity, ambient temperature) with analogue output as a 4-20 mA current loop or 0-5 V voltage output. A combination of several, simultaneously output measured variables with a digital interface is also possible.

  • Integrated plausibility check
  • Ensuring trouble-free operation through a self-diagnosis system
Electrical inputs and outputs
Power consumption 4…20 mA for current loop output
3 mA + load current for voltage output
Operating temperature -30…+50 °C
Operating Pressure Ambient pressure
High pressure version 150 bar via G½″ screw-in thread
Power Supply 12…24 V DC
Measurement range -40…+40 °C Dew point at 0…80% RH
Accuracy +/- 1K dew point in the range -10…40 °C
+/- 2K dew point in the range -40…-10 °C
Response time typ. < <1 min at 20K measured value jump (without sinter filter)
Interfaces Current loop 4-20 mA (2-wire)
Voltage signal 0-5 V
RS232 (in preparation)
Mechanical parameters
Probe diameter 22 mm
Probe length 120 mm
Connector plug M12-connector

Data sheets and information